Monday, November 9, 2009

Mission Statement...

I've got a lot of ambitious ideas kicking around for the ultimate movie website. I've found that the more I look at the big picture of the online world I'd like to create using my passion for film, the more intimidating it becomes and the further it falls on my priority list (only so many hours in the day after all). I try to be a man of action though and had a pair of conversations with my parents today that provided a suitable kick in the pants for me to do SOMETHING!

One of the things I talked about with my dad was the huge inspiration that a small portion of the Spy Kids 2 commentary track with director Robert Rodriguez has had on me. The advice was specific to making movies but I've found it to be universally good advice for dreamers of all sorts. The gist of it was that Rodriguez talked about how so many people dream about making a movie and they think about the new life they'd have and the great artists they'd get to work with and all the cool movie ideas they could develop, etc. But no one ever talks about the PROCESS of making movies and how much fun that is! His point was that the joy should largely be in the MAKING of art. The act of creating SOMETHING...regardless of it's success or failure. I immediately applied this to my outlook on writing and performing music. For years I had stayed off the Cleveland stages with my music because for this reason or that reason it "wasn’t ready". Rodriguez made me realize that to go out there and give it your best and risk failure was the REAL pursuit of the dream. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing right? The best dreams in the world that are never acted upon mean NOTHING! So, in keeping with my goal to be a man of action and a man who chases dreams I am today launching this movie blog “The Best Movies You’ve Never Heard Of”.

True to the above sage advice, I am holding in my fears of failure. I'd still like to provide a short disclaimer of sorts: I am not an expert in ALL films, I'm 26 and I've only seen what I've seen and haven't really ventured much further before the 1960's besides some obvious classics. My tastes tend to veer off the beaten path but not into the dark corridors of truly obscure films, I’m more in the hidden gems business you could say. When I like an artist I like to dig deep into their body of work and those are typically the types of films I’ll be touching on, more obscure works that almost always have some connection to the more mainstream cinema you ARE familiar with. I have a highly analytical mind but find that if I try to analyze things too much it can get kind of boring and if I just write stream of consciousness (as I plan on doing to get started) it sometimes doesn’t go deep enough in conveying a films greatness. These are the sort of thoughts that plague me and convince me that it’s better that I don’t even start this movie blog as I have nothing to add that anyone will be interested in reading anyway. Then I think, there’s a reason that everyone who knows me comes to me for movie advice and calls me for movie trivia and trusts me to steer them in the right direction…I care very deeply for films and I have done my homework and I do have good taste and I do feel like I have my finger on the pulse of our popular culture. So hopefully, you’ll enjoy my writing; hopefully you’ll participate through comments and keep an ongoing dialogue going. What I hope most of all though is that you are inspired to check out some of these films for the first time and that I might introduce you to a future favorite that you may not have found otherwise. It’s a lot of responsibility but I think I’m up for the task! At least I plan on diving in feet first, coming out on stage and risking failure! It is my dream to be considered a credible source for film criticism and interpretation. I hope you will send people my way if you find my advice to be sound and trustworthy for your film going needs!


  1. Reminds me of a quote I keep in my studio: "Value the process." The process, the act of doing, is everything. Congratulations on beginning.

  2. Delightful, brother. Truly delightful. You are the perfect person to write a movie blog! Enjoy your process, and may the readers flow...